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geboortedatum - Sept 2009 

This is the best I'm able to do with this. Clearly, I'm not in a position to recommend anyone for this, but people seeing this message can make their own choices and advances.........Bill 


4:17 AM (5 hours ago)

Dear Genius Piano Kids International,


I am Yuko Miyazaki, Manager with Time Office Co., Ltd. Japan.


Founded in 1988, Time Office is an international music  events agency based in Tokyo, Japan. 

Time Office has extensive expertise in the music and event industry in Japan and has collaborated with Japan’s most influential companies. 

With a team of dynamic and dedicated professionals, we aim to provide the most memorable experience for both our clients and artists.

For more information, please visit our website:


Our client, TV Asahi Co., Ltd., a major Japanese television network, is looking for an international genius pianist kid who would like to take part in their well-known show "Kanjani Eight x The Mozart".


"Kanjani Eight x The Mozart" is a popular variety show in which celebrities compete in piano contests with the judge being a computer program that objectively marks mistakes.

The competitors on the show are all accomplished classical musicians. Those from overseas match their skills against those born and trained in Japan. Each pair are given the same song and have to perform it all the way through. A computer program notches up every error and the winner is the one who makes the least number of mistakes. Though it sounds technical, it is quite suspenseful since the viewer is alerted to every mistake as it’s made. The hosts are members of boys band Kanjani Eight.


On behalf of TV Asahi Co., Ltd., we would like to cordially invite one of your most talented artists to their next TV show, which will take place on April, 24th 2017 in Tokyo, Japan. Is there any pianist you would like to recommend? 


Transportation (flight tickets for the pianist and coordinator) and accommodation will be entirely covered by our client, TV Asahi (plus a fee). The total length of stay is usually five days (including practice and TV show filming). 


If you have any questions or require any further information about the TV show itself or the conditions, please feel free to contact us directly by email. 


Thank you for your time and consideration.  



Sincerely yours,


Yuko Miyazaki

Time Office Co., Ltd.

The new Steinway Heliconia piano by Lalique. 

The Fibonacci
Steinway has just unveiled a mesmerisingly beautiful piano
To celebrate its 600,000th piano, Steinway & Sons has unveiled this absolute beaut of an instrument. 'The Fibonacci', as its name suggests features the iconic Fibonacci spiral and is made out of Macassar Ebony. It was designed by Frank Pollaro.

I know this is a little off topic, but I hope I'll be forgiven. I'm as much a lover of the harmonica as the piano and I reckon this lad is a genius too. Let's enjoy this, it goes very well with the Steinway I reckon.  

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